The Perfect Softball Swing

The Perfect Softball Swing

Hitting a softball is difficult when you don’t have the essentials nailed down. Instructors do know this one thing:  for players to be effective at the plate they need to understand the basics.

Here is a quick run down of what every softball player needs to know about hitting:

#1: The Grip

When holding the bat, add weight with the fingers rather than the palms. This may feel awkward until you develop calluses. Think of a golf club and how you need to keep a loose, relaxed grip on the bat, which will give you “whip” as the bat comes through on your swing.

I recommend finding a bat that works well for you, so that you do not need to choke up, thereby sacrificing power in your swing.

#2: Stance

Keep your feet parallel to the plate, and give yourself enough room away from the plate so you can swing at all pitches that come through the strike zone. You want to be able to turn on both inside and outside pitches, and be sure to get full extension to maximize power.

#3: Stride

This will require some work on your timing, but you want to take a stride just before the ball arrives. Step into the pitch prior to “throwing” your bat through the ball. Many hitters like to twist backwards just a touch to “load up” before their stride, but I encourage you to simply work on the stride before any modifying. Ensure that your knees are flexed, and redy to support the swing of the bat. It all comes down to your legs, hips, shoulders, and hands working together in unison to create power.

#4: Swing

The swing starts with the leg and hips (the hands and shoulders stay back). The hitter pushes off the back foot as the softball comes in. The back knee will start to move in and the hips start to turn. During this pivot, the hips remain parallel to the ground. Keep head and eyes level, and keep that back shoulder up!

5: Follow-Through

After contact you must focus on hitting “through” the ball. The bat keeps on moving even after the ball is hit. A full weight exchange happens with most of the hitter’s weight over the firm front leg. This weight exchange guarantees a long, complete finish and a faster swing.

#6: Related Equipment

Make sure you are working with the best softball bats, equipment bags, and other products that will support your development. It is true that your swing is only as good as the best slowpitch softball bats out there. Feel free to visit cheapbatbags.com, where you can buy the best softball bat bags, bats, and accessories. Depending on your association, you can choose the best USSSA slowpitch softball bats, or the best ASA slowpitch softball bats – whatever is to your liking.

Good luck on your journey!