The Basics of Softball


If you’re here looking for cheap slow pitch softball bats, you’re in the right place. However, the following is geared toward serious players. If you value your experience as a recreational player and just “ply for fun,” it may not be for you.

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Round the bases with confidence.  The proper equipment make a difference, like softball batting gloves, bat packs and everything else. These are the things we focus on… But we should first focus on the basics.  Take the stride in the basic swing, for example.

Because stride is the primary motion in the swing, it’s critical that the stride is performed correctly. Stride is a greatly misunderstood and misapplied mechanic, especially in swinging slow pitch softball bats. The ball comes to the hitter so slowly that it prompts a player to stride early and take a large step towards the pitch. This results in an unbalanced lower-half and robs the hitter of each energy and bat control. Learning the correct stride mechanic, especially when coupled with a very good stance, ensures that your decrease half stays balanced, solid and strong.

A good coach takes practices severely and knows how to maximize the time spent has with players. The best technique to assure stable performance during games is to utilize follow tools and run drills and workouts that keep your players limber and agile. Raw expertise will only take you to this point. To become a capable player, you need to get serious about strength coaching and practice. To change into a dominant hitter, your players need to understand the correct mechanics and fundamentals. Fielding ground balls with confidence is a key facet in baseball strategy. Our training aids will maximize their effectiveness and allow players to change into consistent hitters, pitchers and fielders. Having the best slow pitch softball bats are important above all…

slow pitch softball batsAnytime I chat up a coach or elite slow pitch softball player, I always ask for his or her finest, easiest piece of advice on turning into a greater hitter. Almost without exception, everybody I ask talks about the importance of seeing the ball. Seeing the ball with each eyes – watching it from the pitcher’s hand by means of bat contact, is a very powerful and easiest mechanic to hitting. Teaching yourself to eye the softball straight from the pitcher’s hand can make you a more capable hitter. You might also consult youtube.com for tips, try them out and see what works. Be sure to find a bat that is comfortable and that you like. In fact, find the best softball bats that are in your price range. And when you’re ready, find the best softball equipment bags on the Internet to store them in!


This article on the basics of softball, slow pitch softball bats, and softball bags is a guest post by Charles Lynn.